"PopCinema is a unique videography company based out of Visalia, California. The company was finally formed in late 2011 and kicked off with its first few weddings in October. The company is still growing and is very interested in helping you with your next project. The benefit of hiring a small underdog company like PopCinema is that we offer a service that will feel genuine and contemporary in comparison to other similar studios. The largest interest of ours, even above being unique, is to create a finished package that makes you smile. Though we are based out of the Central Valley, we are more than willing to travel for you. Rates adjust for travel fees. Contact us now!"


"I am Jeffrey Prosser, an 18 year old passionate for the arts, (particularly Acting and Film) and I am the head Editor and Videographer for PopCinema. I started making films when I was 12 (they were terrible), and I took a liking to the art early on. In the summer of 2009 I went to California State Summer School for the Arts (also known as CSSSA) in Valencia, CA. It was there I discovered so much more about filmmaking than I had ever imagined. The wonderful professors there opened my mind to a whole new frontier and ever since I've been trying to exercise in my ability to create. Though I love to write stories, I also take joy in capturing real life events. True documentation; A love for life is a vital tool to have in this business."

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